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Pick up and Drop off Reminders

PSA staff would like to send out a friendly reminder regarding drop off and pick up procedures.  Student safety is our top priority, and the following reminders ensure that all students and staff remain safe while on campus.


  1. Please enter only through the Mattel driveway, and proceed to drive around the building to the drop off/pick up zone. Do not enter through the exit.
  2. Please do not park your car in the drop off or pick up zone.  Utilize the parking spaces available if you are going to be in the drop off/pick up zone for an extended amount of time.
  3. Please pull all the way forward to the available spaces in the pick up/drop zone.
  4. Be mindful of your driving speed as you drive through campus.  Please do not exceed 10 mph.
  5. Student pickup or drop off is not permitted on Harry Shephard blvd.  Cars drive extremely fast on that road, and it is dangerous to stop there.
  6. Student pickup or drop off is not permitted in the dirt lot north of the main building.


We appreciate your patience during these first few weeks of school as we all learn these procedures.