Cadet Uniforms

Uniform Standards

Public Safety Academy takes pride in each of our cadet's appearances.  The following are the guidelines for our military dress code.  A violation in any one of these will result in a formal warning, which can lead to a violation.

Male Hair:

  • Not to exceed 1 inch.
  • Must not touch the collar.
  • No hardline.​
  • Color should be natural.
  • No designs in eyebrows.
  • ​No head accessories.




Unauthorized 1
Unauthorized 2
Unauthorized 3
Unauthorized 4

Female Hair:

  • No bangs.
  • In a neat, low bun.
  • No "fly-aways"; must maintain a professional look throughout the day.
  • Must be secure so that it will not come undone during physical training.
  • No two-toned hair (ombre, balayage).
  • Hair color should look natural.
  • No head accessories.


Unauthorized Female


  • Nails are not to be longer than the end of the fingertip.
  • Clear or no nail polish.


Authorized Nail


Unauthorized Nail 1
Unauthorized Nail 2
Unauthorized Nail 3
Unauthorized Nail 4


  • Professional-looking watch is permitted. 
  • Males may not wear earrings.
  • Females may wear one set of round studs on the center of the earlobes.  
  • No facial piercings worn on campus.
  • No necklaces.
  • No rings.


Authorized Jewelry


Unauthorized Jewelry 1
Unauthorized Jewelry 2
Unauthorized Jewelry 3
Unauthorized Jewelry 4


  • Boots must be shined and clean.
  • Pants and shirt must be ironed.
  • No stains or tears in pants or shirt.
  • Must have both arm patches, flag, and name tag.
  • PSA PE Shirt (undershirt) must be worn at all times.
  • Sweatshirt must be the PSA crewneck and must be clean at all times.  (Sweatshirts are prohibited in weather over 75 degrees.)
  • Fitted navy blue or black long sleeved shirt is permitted.
  • No hat or sunglasses unless prescribed by a doctor.