Our Mission

The mission of Public Safety Academy is to develop the cadet toward a career in public safety service through a process of rigorous academics, realistic hands-on training, attitude development, fitness improvement, and strict discipline.

Based upon the Academy mission statement, faculty expectations, parent expectations, and career expectations built upon character and ethics, the “school-wide learning outcomes"( SLOs) were developed to ensure that all graduates will be:

Educated individuals who:

  • Demonstrate a common core of knowledge in mathematics, science, language arts, social science, foreign language, fine arts, and computer applications that promotes their ability to understand, participate in, and enhance the community in which they live and demonstrate achievement of district and state standards.
  • Demonstrate self-discipline and perseverance in accomplishing challenging but realistic goals for themselves.
  • Evaluate and improve upon their own work and continually maintain high standards.
  • Set priorities, organizes themselves and their work, and use time effectively.

Effective Readers, Writers, and Communicators who:

  • Read for pleasure, information and insight.
  • Convey information and ideas to others integrating oral, written and research skills.
  • Listen objectively and empathetically to the ideas of others.
  • Use a variety of means and resources to structure and present logical arguments.

Critical, Reflective Thinkers and Problem Solvers who:

  • Apply a wide range of problem-solving skills to real life situations.
  • Access information from a variety of sources, evaluate it and use it to produce quality work.
  • Integrate information into a finished piece of quality work.
  • Use information to make informed decisions and solve problems independently and as a team.

Informed, Responsible Individuals who:

  • Demonstrate integrity and honesty.
  • Accept individual and group responsibility.
  • Demonstrate respect for self and respect of needs, ideas, opinions, and property of others.