Staff Directory

Photo of Rachel Arguelles

Rachel Arguelles

High School Math Teacher

Photo of Vincent Armijo

Vincent Armijo

High School History Teacher

Photo of Alex Avendano

Alex Avendano

RSP Student Teacher

Photo of Jesse Avendano
Photo of Catherine Barker

Catherine Barker

7th & 8th Grade History Teacher

Photo of Michael Bocanegra

Michael Bocanegra

Protective Services Teacher

Photo of Precious Carrillo
Photo of Jaziela Castro
Photo of Erika Chan

Erika Chan

Bilingual Lead Tutor and ASB/Yearbook Teacher

Photo of Evon Chemberlen

Evon Chemberlen

Assistant Principal

Photo of Helen Crawford

Helen Crawford

7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher

Photo of Loreal Davidson

Loreal Davidson

Police Dispatch Course Teacher

Photo of Athena Davis

Athena Davis

6th Grade Math & Science Teacher

Photo of Elise Dean

Elise Dean

Administrator of Instruction

Photo of Callie Dixon

Callie Dixon

RSP Aide

Photo of E'lanna Dugaduga

E'lanna Dugaduga


Photo of Brandon Ecks

Brandon Ecks

High School English Teacher

Photo of Valeria Espinoza

Valeria Espinoza

7th & 8th Grade ELA Teacher

Photo of Steven Filson

Steven Filson

Director of Security and Cadet Services

Photo of Kris Flores

Kris Flores

Physical Education Teacher

Photo of Maria Gresham

Maria Gresham

Art and Ceramics Teacher

Photo of Jonathan Grijalva

Jonathan Grijalva

6th Grade ELA & History Teacher

Photo of Nadia Guajardo

Nadia Guajardo

7th and 8th Grade Science Teacher

Photo of Cole Hatch

Cole Hatch


Photo of Ceslie Hayhurst

Ceslie Hayhurst

Attendance Clerk

Photo of Kayla Hernandez

Kayla Hernandez

RSP Aide

Photo of Sandra Hernandez

Sandra Hernandez

High School History Teacher

Photo of Alejandra Ibarra
Photo of Tamara Kwinn

Tamara Kwinn

High School English Teacher

Photo of Xavier Lira

Xavier Lira


Photo of Frank Martinez

Frank Martinez

High School Fire Instructor

Photo of William Mathews

William Mathews

Physical Education and Health Sciences Teacher

Photo of Kimberly Mendoza

Kimberly Mendoza

RSP Aide

Photo of Shubhi Miller

Shubhi Miller


Photo of Millie Mondragon
Photo of Jacob Otero

Jacob Otero


Photo of Scott Paterson

Scott Paterson

Police Academy Teacher

Photo of Gladys Pelayo

Gladys Pelayo

Bilingual Counselor

Photo of Vanessa Pelayo

Vanessa Pelayo

Recreational Aide

Photo of Angel Pelayo Vidriales
Photo of Nathalie Politron

Nathalie Politron

Bilingual RSP Intern

Photo of Ashley Quasny
Photo of Maddie Rascher
Photo of Brenda Rodriguez

Brenda Rodriguez

Bilingual Parent Liaison

Photo of Keilani Rodriguez
Photo of Daniel Russell

Daniel Russell

RSP Teacher

Photo of Kelsie Ryser

Kelsie Ryser

RSP Aide

Photo of Lourdes Sanchez

Lourdes Sanchez

High School Science Teacher

Photo of Walt Snyder

Walt Snyder

Athletic Director

Photo of Jennifer Stickel

Jennifer Stickel


Photo of Gina Storm

Gina Storm

Business Manager and Registrar

Photo of Trang Thi

Trang Thi

High School Math Teacher

Photo of Alisha Thorpe
Photo of Yesenia Torres

Yesenia Torres

Bilingual Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jonathan Tran

Jonathan Tran

IT Department

Photo of Andrew Tucci

Andrew Tucci

Cadet Supervisor

Photo of Sergio Zamora

Sergio Zamora

High School Science Teacher

Photo of April Zendejas

April Zendejas

Bilingual Attendance Clerk