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It is 8:09 am on a Wednesday morning. Cadets in grades six through twelve dressed in police-style uniforms are huddled under the awning eating their breakfast, chatting with friends, and shining their boots. Several teachers are chatting with cadets and each other about upcoming assignments or simply just talking about how their week has been. As soon as the clock strikes 8:10 am, honor guard begins to play Reveille, which is the same song that plays on every military base in the U.S. to begin the day. Cadets begin to run to formation and prepare to salute while colors are presented. It’s an impressive sight to see. Over 400 of the Inland Empire's finest students gathered under the direction of student leaders to uphold a tradition that has been in place since 1999. After students recite their “Cadet Creed” and their “Six Pillars of Character”, they are dismissed to their common core-aligned classes taught by highly qualified and dedicated teachers.

Public Safety Academy of San Bernardino (PSA) is a public charter school which prepares cadets for careers in public safety service sectors. This includes police work, fire service, and military service. Our “cadets” demonstrate Michael Josephson’s Six Pillars of Character: Respect, Responsibility Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship daily. Those are the same pillars they recite every morning before attending class. Courses at PSA are taught with a focus on Public Safety. For example, the title of the 11th grade English course is called Literacy, Advocacy, and Public Service. The bulk of the reading and writing in this course focuses on law and justice, societal issues, and other high-interest topics of that nature. We also offer career technical courses, such as Dispatch, Cyber security, and Protected Services. These courses give our students the opportunity to learn the basic skills that may be needed if they choose to go into those prospective careers.

Students and stakeholders often comment on how PSA feels like a family. It is an honor to be a part of an organization where our mission is strong and our community is proud of what we do.

As we say at PSA, “What’s in it for we? Ooh rah!”

Jennifer Stickel, Principal

Public Safety Academy
1482 East Enterprise Dr.
San Bernardino, CA 92408-0161
Phone: 909-382-2211
Email: jstickel@psasb.us